The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Division of Federal Programs in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, created the Teacher Education Parent Involvement Committee that included representatives from higher education, public education and nonprofit organizations charged with creating a plan to strengthen both pre-service and in-service educators’ ability to work effectively with families in the education setting. The group views the role of parent involvement in teacher education as an important issue that needs to be examined from multiple perspectives. To that end, they decided to design and develop a new website to provide resources on:

  • Evidence- and research-based parent and family engagement processes and classroom strategies
  • Systemic approaches to parent and family engagement
  • Effective methods of communicating with school staff regarding their children’s education
  • Parent-child relationships and interaction that support student academic success

This website includes information that will be useful to several audiences including but not limited to:

  • Higher education professors and program decision-makers
  • Pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators
  • Parent-, faith- and community-based organizations
  • Parents and families


Pennsylvania Department of Education's Division of Federal Programs

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