As I visited and spoke with Title I schools and administrators over the years, the major area of concern has consistently been parent involvement. Schools desperately want to involve parents in the education of their children and most parents want to be connected at some level to the school their children attend. Given that both parties are willing, we may be able to bridge this gap through effective communication.

This website was developed to provide tools for pre-service teachers and new teachers to assist them in communicating with parents and families. All parents and families are different, so the task of clearly, respectfully and appropriately communicating between the school and home is a huge responsibility. I sincerely hope the tools provided on this website will help to make this vital task easier, more enjoyable and most importantly, more effective for all.

Renee Palakovic
Former Division Chief
Division of Federal Programs
Pennsylvania Department of Education


Schools welcome families as partners in developing successful students.

What do we mean by “family and community connections with schools?”

Pennsylvania Department of Education's Division of Federal Programs

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