This section will present evidence-based practices for connecting schools, community organizations and family members in meaningful and sustained relationships that support student academic success. It will touch on parent engagement issues related to school readiness, school success, family, school and community connections; and personal and relational factors that support high expectations and produce strong results for students. It may involve:

  • Practices that are working to engage a family with their child’s learning and with the systems serving them (schools, child care, after school, etc.)
  • “Readiness factors” for organizations and schools to consider when implementing policies, programs, processes aimed at more effectively engaging family members
  • Barriers to meaningful family engagement that can be overcome
  • Research findings that demonstrate the impact of family engagement with their child’s learning and with education and community systems
  • Protective factors that can be promoted to grow resiliency with students and the adults who surround them in the following settings:
    • Early care and education
    • K-12
    • Afterschool and out-of-school time
    • Community organizations

Family-school-community partnerships now more than ever make efficient use of our resources (time money and talent) in collaborative efforts that create purposeful connections to learning and move beyond independent strategies to systemic approaches with an emphasis on accountability.

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