Engaging Families

Families are involved, at home at school and in the community. Families want what is best for their children and want them to succeed.

Parents and family members can:

  • Support learning at home by providing homework time and space. Share excitement about learning and point out ways that adults continue to learn.
  • Learn about the school’s curriculum (how the educators teach the academic standards), how well your child is doing, and how well the school is performing.
  • Communicate with the school. Send notes, call teachers and/or send emails to: demonstrate your interest, share important information about your child, or check for ways you can be involved.
  • Ask questions. Talk with other parents, teachers and principals, and with community service organizations.
  • Attend school functions and meetings.
  • Join and actively serve on the parent-teacher organizations, parents group and/or school site council.
  • Volunteer in the classroom, at a welcome desk or on the playground, at a bus stop or on the streets on the way to school, or with the school improvement team.
  • Use work and community experiences to help children learn and to contribute to student achievement and school performance.

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